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Welcome To INTACEL

Intacel is one of Pune’s leading English Language Academies. We take pride in being firmly rooted in well proven and scientific methods of second language learning and language teaching. Set up in 2010, today we are the biggest and busiest authorized
centre for Cambridge English Language Assessment, Part of the University of Cambridge, UK, in India.

Till date we have trained more than 8500 students for various Cambridge English Exams, across a range of levels and requirements(English for Special Purpose) like General English, Business English and IELTS.
Our courses will give you essential English skills for life, helping to improve your opportunities for work, study and travel.

We have carefully evolved various levels of courses that are structured according to a global standard - Common European Framework of References. (CEFR) (for further details please see the accompanying Video link on this page).

Each level has a different set of well- defined language skills that learners can acquire and are measurable through continuous evaluation and end-of-the course tests. (Check the details below for the skills you can achieve at the end of each level)

At Intacel you will learn English, not by rote learning of grammar rules but by getting a firm grip over all the four skills
(Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) - English for real life.

We will help you choose a level most suitable to your current level of English.

This is done through a carefully designed placement test and a personal interview, by our expert teachers.

What I Can Achieve

Levels A,B,C


Icon Common European Framework of References for Languages

English is not merely a language anymore; it has become a way of life for millions of native and non native speakers around the world.

- Jonathan Calver